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This Beautiful Country

(Adorable little cottage with pretty china cups and tasty maple syrup pancakes) We’ve arrived in Cashel… Not the Cashel in Tipperary. With the Rock. Where I grew up. The Cashel on the west coast of Ireland, looking out onto the … Continue reading

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Odd Day in the Czech Republic

(Building on our street, in Prague) I did something in public yesterday that I’ve never done before. Crochet. Yes, I had been telling you how I will be working away on the train to Krakow but there was every chance … Continue reading

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Show Time

(This is me crafting last year in Canada) It’s that time again – Knitting and Stitching Show time! I’m very excited. Tomorrow I will be in a big room with thousands of noisy people milling around and getting in my … Continue reading

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Quiet – the book…

(Solitude) I’m reading a really interesting book at the moment. It’s called Quiet by Susan Cain. There’s also a TED talk. She writes about extroverts and introverts and thinks the extrovert personality type has an unfair advantage. The extrovert is … Continue reading

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Fearlessness in Baby Steps

(French window) Ok….. so, I’m supposed to be practicing (from the dictionary: the actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method as opposed to theories about such application or use) my fearlessness this week. I was figuring that might include … Continue reading

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I’m bursting to share this thing…..

(Lavender) AAAAAh I was taking to someone over the weekend and they asked me what I was up to and I mentioned my Kickstart you Creativity course was starting in November. And as I mumbled and stuttered through some kind … Continue reading

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Heavy Rain brings Cheerful Scones

(22 raindrops (or thereabouts) in a row… ) It was a very dark morning full of heavy rain when I woke up. So I lay there listening to the sound of water hitting the window, the roof and the cat. … Continue reading

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