Tales from the Road 2

We left Greystones yesterday and stopped after an hour for a snack! An hour later we arrived in Rosslare Harbour for lunch. Something tells me food is going to by important on this journey!

We got a great cabin, around the corner from the shop and only one floor up from the bike! We went out on deck to look around and it’s very windy, maybe wearing a skirt was a bad idea?

Very windy!
Very windy!

This morning at breakfast everyone looked really tired except the children. I was drawn to one little boy who was sitting quietly with his family until another lady joined them. Then his face lit up and he hugged her legs as she tried to manoeuvre her tray onto the table. When she did eventually put her tray down he hugged her and told her about his cabin, all the time with the happiest grin on his face. It was difficult for me not to stare, because the scene was so attractive and I also wanted to know who this woman was, who created such happiness. I was not brave enough to ask but one of the little boy’s siblings called her Aunt Mary. So, she was his aunt.
Often we don’t realise the positive impact we have on others, the joy we cause them, the smiles we bring out when we arrive. Because children show their emotions so easily it is possible to notice when you have made an impact.
Today, because of that little boy I am remembering all my nieces and nephews and the other children who have at any time been happy to see me! Try it yourself, it’s fun :-).