Tales from the Road 5

It’s day 4 of our Journey on a Bike in France and we seem to be landing in very beautiful cities. We finally said goodbye to Rouen and now we’re in the city of Reims. Very beautiful and at the moment very hot, 30 degrees.

View from the bathroom, Reims
View from the bathroom, Reims

We found our hotel on Booking.com but due to complications (!) we didn’t book it before we got here. So we arrived at the desk and asked in faulty French if they had a room with Internet access (first priority as Denis needs to work each day we are away); if there is secure parking for the motor bike (second priority, the bike is our horse and it needs stables); and if there are restaurants nearby (third priority, it’s no fun having to drive to dinner in full rain gear and heavy boots,so we want to walk to eat). And yes this hotel has everything but the price is €27 more expensive than the Booking.com price. The receptionists explains (in perfect English) that the cheaper price is only if you book on the Internet before you arrive but if you just turn up then you must pay the full price.

Ok, we understand, we are sad (;-)) but we can learn from this experience!

When we go upstairs the room is lovely, the shower is powerful and the Internet connection is strong and there is a great courtyard behind a huge locked gate for the bike. So we decide to stay a second night. And, learning from our previous experience this time we book online for the second night and get the cheaper price. Just in case there’s any problem, Denis goes downstairs to explain we are the people who have just booked online and we want to stay in the same room for the second night. It’s a new receptionist by now and although she looks confused, she says that’s fine (again in perfect english).
So tune in next time when we (you and I) find out what happens on Monday morning when we check out – will we get the cheaper price for the second night? Or will we have a different experience from which we can learn? Maybe about ourselves, or the French culture, or the hotel booking systems of Europe or how to remain calm in the lobby of a French hotel while the receptionist calls the Gendarmerie! No matter which scenario pans out we will have an experience and we will survive. For now the one I want is : the cheaper price for the second night. I’ll let you know…..

3 thoughts on “Tales from the Road 5

  1. So what happened? What was the charge, two different rates or did they give you the internet price?

  2. Maireadh, it looks lovely -obviously on that road you are only allowed park white/silver vehicles 🙂

    Is that rain I see on the ground 🙂
    You aren’t missing anything, it was raining today here in Ireland. I’m sure the weather is better over there.

    I’d say the food is fantastic, I really love the french food.

  3. All will be revealed Moira!
    Sheldon you are very observant!
    Yes there is rain but I have a new found appreciation for rain after the 30 degrees of sunshine day. Yes the food is yummy, when the plates are put in front of us we sigh and eat for at least 10 minutes before we take a breath. Ah…..

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