Tales from the Road 6

Cobble Stone streets in Reims
Cobble Stone streets in Reims
One of the practical things we learned so far has to do with breakfast. It’s much more sensible to go to the nearest cafe or bar than to eat at your hotel. For at least two reasons: it’s cheaper and you get to choose where to eat.

Street in Reims
Street in Reims

Actually the second reason isn’t always an advantage. At each food opportunity in a new city we (and many others) do the dance of the “menu board”. This involves walking confidently up to the board where menu options are displayed, outside a restaurant. A quick glance to discern if it’s in English. Then a more leisurely perusal as you wait for something to “grab” you (not literally). Then you turn to your partner and say either “well this seems ok”, or “nothing grabs me”, or (whispering) “much too expensive”. Your partner’s reply depends on how many menus you’ve seen for this meal. Less than 6: “ah no, let’s have a look at that one over there”. Between 6 and 10: “em, I think I like the one two streets ago better”. More than 10: “I’m so hungry, this’ll be fine”.

Today for breakfast we gave up the menu board dance…… and went to McDonald’s!

But French McDonald’s is not like Irish McDonald’s, they have espresso machines! And croissants and green tea. Well they do in their McCafe, anyway. Isn’t France great?

McCafe in Reims
McCafe in Reims

4 thoughts on “Tales from the Road 6

  1. I like the cobbled road, very pretty. The tea looks nice as well. I hope you aren’t going to make a habit out of eating at McD’s 😉

  2. Yes, I love the cobbles too. I’ll post a picture of one of the tarmac roads in Reims that had potholes, for you. I took the picture because the cobbles are still under there and the hole allows them to peep out. I thought it was a nice metaphor for our “flaws”, instead of being a nuisance or a bad thing they allow our true self to “peep out”.

    And McDonald’s -how did you guess?

  3. Oh it really IS called McCafe!!

    I love the tarmac covered cobbles metaphor. ‘To thine own self be true.’

  4. Yes McCafe, it’s McDonalds but it just doesn’t taste like it!
    That’s it Jen, ’cause you’re perfect already beneath that temporary layer of tarmac.

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