Tales from the Road 14

Friday 27th August 2010.




(Stork Postcard)

One Christmas when Ciara was little she wanted a farm set so Santa brought her one. It was made by Play Mobil, which I now think must be a French company. The farm was part construction toy and part make-believe toy. But since Ciara wasn’t interested in construction, the job of putting the farm buildings together fell to Denis or at a push to me. Anyway, one part of it always confused me.

Now I understand….

The farm set was made up of a two story barn with pulley system for lifting bags of grain; a farm house attached to the barn; a hen house and pens for the animals. There were cows, hens, sheep, a cat, a dog and two storks. There were window boxes and flowers to go into them. The thing that confused me was a wheel on the roof of the barn. It didn’t do anything. There was a little hook sticking up from it but I searched the instructions for details of what this might be for, to no avail. I couldn’t understand what a wheel would be doing on top of a barn. Turns out Ciara knew all along!



(Storks on top of the Mayor’s house in Munster)

She discovered that one stork could fit onto the little hook and she used to put him up there. A stork on a wheel on top of a barn – crazy. Well, here in Munster there’s lots of storks and they build their nests on top of big wheels on barns and tall buildings!!

Go Ciara!


Stork Nest



and another