Tales from the Road 19

Thursday 2nd September 2010.

We arrived in Nice yesterday afternoon and I needed a drink to settle my nerves. So I had a cappuccino. I haven’t drunk real coffee for about 5 years but I thought it might help.



Leaving Italy – if you look closely through the toll booth to the cliff face beyond you’ll see a little tunnel, we came through that!

We had driven for two hours through tunnels and over roads on stilts. The tunnels were fine but the roads on stilts were very, very scary. In the beginning I thought “Look at those lovely villages down there”. And then I noticed that the traffic going in the other direction were travelling on a road high in the air held up by cement supports stuck into the mountain-side. It was like something a smart eight year old might do with sand and tracks and bits of wood. “Gee I’d hate to be on that road!”. Then I realised we were on exactly the same kind of road! From then on I couldn’t look left or right as I was holding on so tight to Denis, and was it my imagination or were the barriers getting smaller and smaller?

It might not have been so bad if the roads were straight but they wound around the mountains. At one time I could see the sat-nav and the road ahead looked like a scribble – bendy bits joined to roundy bits, like a roller-coaster. Again there’s no pictures – we’re going to have to get some bit of technology attached to my helmet with a button in my glove to take these kinds of pictures in the future. Although if I had to turn to look at the scene around me I’m not sure it would work. Remember when I said tunnels were boring for the pillion passenger? Well I take it all back, you can have too much to see!


View from the desk

View from the desk

Anyway, we’re safe and sound now, and settling into our new home with Tamara, a German-speaking (with perfect English, of course) Dutch/Indonesian lady, her apartment is 5 minutes from the beach on a busy shopping street. There’s a cafe/bar downstairs where we ate dinner while we waited for her to come home from work. And guess what floor we’re on – yes three 🙂 But there’s a lift this time!


Our Lift

Our Lift

I’m off to check out the bus tour of Nice and see how it stacks up against Reims.

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