Tales from the Road 22

Sunday 5th September 2010.

As there’s been some interest in the Coronation Street star, I’ve decided to run a competition to guess who he is. The prize will be a postcard. Yes, I will purchase a pretty postcard and make my way to a post office and ask, in French, for an airmail stamp and post the card to the lucky winner. (While I’m there I’ll be posting a birthday card to my little brother who’s birthday I forgot on Friday!)

To help in the identification of the star I’ve discovered a photograph that I took earlier with the star in the background.

He's in the centre, looking to his left.
He's in the centre, looking to his left.

Send your answer as a comment on the website to the following question:
What is the name of the character played by the person in the photo above, and what does he work at in Coronation Street? The winner will be the first correct answer received.

Now I’m off to relax at the pool……

5 thoughts on “Tales from the Road 22

  1. Is it Kevin Webster? And he’s a mechanic? I haven’t watched it in forever but worth a shot for a postcard!

  2. Answer is Dev Alahan. He works as a shop keeper in Coronation Street. He owns the corner shop on the street but he also owns numerous other shops in the area.
    Looking forward to my postcard!
    My address is 157 Heathervue, Greystones, Co Wicklow

  3. It is Dev.
    66 Marshall Street, Barrie, Ontario, L4N3S8
    Remember that address so you can visit your “older” sister ;o)

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