Tales from the Road 25

Wednesday 8th September 2010.

I enjoyed the last competition so much, it’s already time for a new one! This is a Where are we? one. And it’s not first in, it’s first out of the hat (or in this case helmet).

We were travelling all day yesterday. Where are we in this picture?

We’ll be travelling all day today also, so, the competition will end tomorrow (Thursday 9th September) at 6pm French time. Again, answers via comment and this time extra facts about the place are encouraged.

The prize as always is a postcard. Include your address on the comment, but if you don’t want the world to know where you live let me know and I’ll keep your address bit private.

6 thoughts on “Tales from the Road 25

  1. Oh no, I have no idea! Feel a little inadequate now! Will have to search for places around montblanc in the direction of home…

  2. I have my CSI image enhancement software running now trying to enhance what’s displayed on the Garmin… 🙂

  3. The Millau Viaduct??? I watched a Discovery program on the building of it (That is if I’m correct). If I’m wrong I still watched that program ;o)

  4. From Patricia via email:

    Hi Mairead,
    the only place I can think of is Lyons. As you are near the end of your journey a card wouldn’t go amiss. Just looking at the web site I see a low cost sightseeing tour of Paris. paris foxitybus tour 13euro bus and boat 18euro. http://www.foxity.com.

    Thank you for the suggestion, not sure where we’re off to next.

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