Day 2 On Your Bike


Last night we boarded the Celtic Link ferry to Cherbourg. For those not familiar with this ferry company – it’s mainly for trucks. For those who wondered before we left how that might work out for a bike – it was perfect. Smaller passenger area, less people, less staff, less restaurants (1), less bars (1), bigger cabins (just a little) and the best bit….. the bike area was right beside the exit. So we were first out this morning. We were the only bike and maybe that’s why they had a special cushion to protect the seat when they lashed the bike to the ship! On the bigger ferries we have to use our gloves.

There’s another funny thing about this ship, the cars are outside… on deck! And it rained!

It rained when we got off at Cherbourg too. But that doesn’t bother us ……. we have rain gear ……….and thermal long johns! And the sound of raindrops on my helmet is amazing – in a good way…

Those same long johns came in handy on the boat. As you can imagine we have to pack very frugally. Unfortunately, I packed for one season – summer…. and on the boat it was very very early spring, so for a moment I was freezing. Then I very remembered my long johns. Normally I wear them down to my ankles under the rain gear, but they work just as well rolled up to the knee under my cotton summer skirt. Mmmm toasty. So, nice and warm again, we both went down to the bar on the boat for a drink with Dan and Dave. In the queue to get into the boat Dave had seen the WW of our bike registration and as he’s into bikes (or anything mechanical really) and living in Wicklow, so he came over to have a chat with us. This happens a lot with the bike, it reminds me of pushing a pram with a baby in it – everyone likes to chat with you. Anyway, Dave and Dan had been friends for 34 years and were on their way to Sada in Spain to make their boat ready for summer sailing. We got talking, as you do, and it turned out that one of Dave’s best friends was a name I knew from childhood.

You know how your parents have friends or acquaintances (or in this case a colleague from work), whom you don’t meet but their name is very familiar to you? Well as soon as Dave mentioned his friend’s name, I was a child again. It never ceases to amaze me how we are all connected….we just don’t know how closely yet. If something makes us say the first hello or “how old is your baby?” or “isn’t it lovely today?” then everything else follows and we get to meet ourselves in someone else!
Dave and Dan had started to argue like a long married couple when we headed off to bed. Next morning Dan met us on the way to breakfast and invited us to come visit them in Sada if we got there before Friday week. But the boat is in dry dock and at some point the previous night one of them had explained the use of a bucket for a toilet when a boat is in dry dock, I’m not so sure we’ll make it in time!

We’re off to Rennes today, Denis bought €5 worth of internet access on the boat and we booked our bed for tonight. We’re trying a new kind of accommodation.

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  1. Hi Mairead, do I get a prize for making the first comment on this trip 😉

    It would be a good idea if you added a note to the bottom of all the mailchimp emails “Want to comment…” with a link to the article on your blog. Otherwise people won’t realize they can add feedback.

    Not sure if this is possible.

    Keep the updates coming – and try to ease off on the cobblestones this time round 😉

  2. That’s the problem I had initially Sheldon, wanted to comment but couldn’t find where. So I came to the trusty website where I knew I could!

  3. Sheldon, The prize goes to you! I’ll buy you a nice coffee when I get home :-). Yes, thank you I’ve added the comment link, suggestions gratefully accepted. What? You don’t like the cobblestones?

    Moira, you are nothing if not resourceful!

    Ciara, your wish is my command!

    Be well, Mairead.

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