Lazy in Languedoc

IMG 7347


We’re having a lazy day today (well I am, Denis is working! Stop feeling sorry for him – he loves it!). Breakfast at 10am and a little walk in the town of Montblanc. I love the narrow streets and the colourful doors.

IMG 7342

We’ve been here before. Last year we stayed for four days and then headed off to the Millau Bridge. We’re going in the opposite direction this time and passed the Millau yesterday. Even though it was toward the end of a long day we decided to visit the town instead of bypassing it in the clouds.


(Pictures shows the Millau Bridge from the road out of town.)

It’s a very pretty place and they serve yummy coffee. This was where I had my treat coffee. By the way Bairbre, Nolene and Liam have sent me irrevocable (!) evidence to suggest that coffee drinking is in fact GOOD for my health. I believe they are, as I write, researching my jittery, anxious symptoms and may find that these are more indications of my general well being. I await their findings…… anxiously.


We’re off to Spain tomorrow, to a town called Girona, halfway from here to Barcelona. I wonder what the coffee in Spain is like?

Be well, Mairead.