Bon Appetite!


IMG 8340

(Sign at the entrance to the village shows there are 473 inhabitants)

We’re spending a second night in this little hotel near Sarlat in the Dordogne, with the nice ex-bank manager owner. The food is wonderful (for dinner last night, duck salad, then sturgeon with peppers and something that looked like couscous, followed by strawberries and a sauce I wanted (but was too polite) to lick off the plate). We may not fit into our bike gear when we leave.

IMG 8336

(Old French Sign)

After lunch today (gourmet salad and glass of rose, followed by coffee and vanilla ice cream) we went for a walk in the nearby village and there are even more restaurants there.

IMG 8305

(Half-Stone Tiled roof in the village)

There’s nothing exciting to tell you today as I spent most of the day working on my website to add a page for my upcoming Success Teams course. It’s not quite ready but I’ll add a link here when it is. About a year ago I read the book Wishcraft (free to read on by a woman called Barbara Sher. As I read I became very excited. She has very simple ways of getting you to think about what you want and then believe you can get it. Then, really importantly, helping you turn the want into a plan. The more I read the more I wanted to do her Success Teams course but there was nothing available in Ireland. So, last February, I started one.

IMG 8330

(French Intention – Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood)

The idea of the Success Team is that people who have a wish (even if that wish is to know what their wish is!) gather together and are facilitated by a leader (me) for eight weeks. During the eight weeks the group becomes a team, encouraging each other and learning about themselves in the process. After the eight weeks the team keeps meeting, because some wishes take longer than eight weeks to come to fruition!

IMG 8315

(Roses dripping from a bush)

So, a year after I had a wish to join a Success Team, I’m in one. Wish Granted! Now I want to set up more Teams. The Wishes Continue!

Doux rêves (Sweet Dreams), Mairead.

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  1. Mairead, your commentary is always so fun to read, but your photography is wonderful. You have a really good eye. (Not sure how good the other one is ;o) )
    I give you credit for sitting on a motorcycle for a trip of this length. Love reading every morning when I get up.


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