Inspire me!


(The straight road… but signs are that might change…. (the sign?.. on the side of the road?… never mind))

We’re in the beautiful Loire region in a house we stayed in last year, the photographer’s house. Our host is an incredible English woman who, although she’s only been here two years, seems to know everyone. Last time we were here there was a continuous stream of visitors and an impromptu dinner party. All in honour of the Irish bikers who had just arrived in town!


(Bloom where you’re planted! Bird nest at number 4 pump Total garage on A10 Limoges to Paris motorway.)

We found her through the airbnb site that allows people to offer a room in their house for bed and breakfast through the internet. Remember the house on the cliff with the spiral staircase and the dog in Bilbao? That was airbnb. Each time we use this option we have the opportunity to discover people’s stories and they always inspire us.


(Nice road going somewhere else….)

That’s what stories tend to do. They take us to that comfy place in our childhood where we first heard the words “Once upon a time…”. And then we’re drifting into dreamland or heartland. Whatever you call it doesn’t matter, you’ll know it. You’ll be listening to someone tell how they used to be in this really difficult situation and one day they thought “enough is enough”. And you’re looking into their eyes as they tell you how everything had to change and they had no idea how it would end up. But it ended up grand and now they’re glad they took the leap. And even though their story is nothing like yours…. something stirs in you. And because they’re alive and well and ordinary…. you think “maybe I could be that brave”.


(Notice the clean windscreen? I did that! At number 3 pump, Total garage on A10 Limoges to Paris motorway.)

I’m sitting at the kitchen table looking through french half curtains, at people waking up and down the street in this small town. Each one of those people have a story that is inspiring. Don’t believe me? Start to test it! Look at your own life and think of something that was difficult, then something changed, either you or circumstances, a risk was necessary and you took it. It’ll be easier to think of other people’s stories, I want you to think of your own!

IMG 0700

If you can’t think of something now, that’ll be because you never stopped long enough to celebrate your risk-taking, your change, your bravery, your leap of faith! Stop Now! Celebrate Now, in anticipation of remembering! Then inspire yourself by telling yourself the story of how you did it. And then tell me and we’ll inspire everyone else!


Go brave-hearts! Mairead.


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  1. Totally inspired by your post this morning. We went on a little road trip through the mountains yesterday(not on Dougs bike but in my Mini). We spent the last hour talking about all the people we know who have had to deal with tough situations in the last year or two. It helped us to see clearly and to remember our own challenges(and how we survived them in the past.) It felt like your post was written directly to us this morning – thanks 🙂

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