God Bless America!

IMG 8902

(View from our window – you might be forgiven for thinking we’re in the United Kingdom… all will be revealed…..)

We’re staying at another Logis hotel here at Arromanches and it’s possible that our excellent record in hotel care-taking has preceded us. We booked for one night by internet and now we like it here so we’re staying until we return to our yacht (well…. the truckers ferry). This is the way we usually do it. We check out the friendly-ness of the host, the wifi, the dinner possibilities, the comfort of the bed, the breakfast, and then the opportunities for entertainment by foot or public transport.

IMG 8932

(Map showing Arromanches (below compass) and Cherbourg (between the ears of that teddy bear shape on left))

This place scored well in every category. So this morning after breakfast we asked if they had availability. After a bit of haggling about the price (Denis’ favourite hobby) we secured a room for two more nights. Not only that but we will again be staying on our own for one of those nights because the hotel will be closed! This must be a sign…… that it happens all the time?

IMG 8918

(Nice sandy beach, with history dotted around)

Anyway as promised I went to visit the museum in the town, about twenty seconds (fast running) from our (literally, again) hotel. And it was a lovely surprise. Mainly because it’s a bit of a monument to following your heart. Kid you not!

IMG 8991

(Shells on the beach)

Cool thing happened as we got there. Two bus loads of American tourists arrived. In France this is a VERY good thing for us English-speaking souls. Because, from that point on all the tours,  movies and slide shows are in English. How lucky are we? Very. Unfortunately they must have been speed-reading some of the exhibits because they got into the last movie before we realised it was even on. But the next one would be starting in ten minutes so we read some more and waited.

It was in Italian! I love listening to Italian, but I can’t understand it, so they gave us headphones. It’s just not the same…. roll on the next American bus….. I’ll be waiting.

IMG 8933

(Potential English-speaking buses)


As I was writing, just noticed these buses parking outside the museum – they may be American – must rush…no time for the “follow your heart” museum, will tell you tomorrow.

Have a nice day, Mairead

Wait!!! I forgot something!

If you’re reading this in Ireland, you could do me a huge favour by checking out the new pages about Success Teams on my website and send a link to people who might be interested. If you do that, I’ll have more time to write this stuff I’m writing for you (I’m not really writing it for you – it’s what I want to do!) AND more people will be able to do the things THEY want to do. And you’ll be doing a good thing – go you!

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