Go Winston!

IMG 8957

(The town by the Shallow Beach)

As promised the details about the “follow your heart” museum. It’s a bit technical in parts so pay attention and then at the end you “may” be crying….. Just joking, it has a happy ending.

IMG 8943

(Sherman Tank)

Once upon a time, there was bad stuff happening in the place called Europe. The bad guys had invaded the beautiful land full of amazing castles and hotels de Logis. No one knew what to do, although some brave people did try to resist, they were no match for the bad boss. Time passed and the bad guys took more stuff and land and some rivers. They took over the beautiful castles and the hotels de logis. Something had to be done, but who was a match for the bad boss?

IMG 8962

(Bit of Sherman Tank)

Not too far away at the same time there lived a handsome (well his mother thought so) prince named Winston. He lived in a place called Church Hill (like the one in Kilquade but not it) just 175km (at one point) over the sea from the beautiful land. Some people called him Prince Winston of Churchill (I think). He was watching the behaviour of the bad boss and he didn’t like it a bit, not one bit. So he said “enough is enough” and he sent his best knights on dragon horses to fly over the beautiful land and throw rocks at the bad guys. He sent only his bravest knights and they had to be brave, it was a tremendously perilous mission. Many knights were lost and there was a lot of sadness in Winston’s kingdom.

IMG 8965

(A town destroyed by war)

There was a lot of sadness in Church Hill too. Prince Winston was very upset. But he was an intelligent man and he knew that being upset wasn’t going to change things in the beautiful land or in his own kingdom either. He waited for his emotions to settle and then dissipate from his body (takes about 90 seconds, according to neuroscientist Jill Bolt-Taylor). He did not go over all the bad stuff that had happened, frightening and saddening himself even more. Instead, he considered what he really wanted. He said to himself “Ok Winston (he didn’t have to call himself Prince), I know what I don’t want but what is it that I do want? He began to imagine the perfect scenario. The exact situation that he wanted.

IMG 9034

(Seat in church)

Then he gathered his best technical people and told then what he wanted. Well, I can tell you they were upset. Very upset. “It can’t be done” one said. “This is madness”, another suggested. But Prince Winston put up his hand and said “Stop, I don’t want to hear that it’s never been done – I know. I don’t want to hear that it can’t be done – you DON’T know. I want you to do only the FIRST thing that needs to be done to get it done and when that is done you will do the next thing. Thereby, one by one we will do the things that need to be done. We will find solutions and we will create miracles as we go.” Well, that shut them up.

Next part of the story tomorrow.

Soon, Mairead.