Now what?


(Sunshine and clouds on the way home)

Ok I’m home….. well I’m back in my house and it feels a little familiar. I think I mentioned we were going to Enniskillen,  camping for the weekend. We did and there was sunshine…. on the way home. But the rain and wind didn’t bother us or the many others who attended the talks, presented by people who have followed their dream to ride their motorbikes to many far flung places and back.


(They drive on the other side of the road here)

Last year the same meeting inspired me to believe that it might be possible to leave home and travel for a month and later six weeks on the back of a motorbike (Denis’ motorbike to be precise). This year it has inspired me to continue doing something that I loved doing while I was away – writing this blog.


(Inside the tent this morning – notice I’m wearing my thermals and scarf…)

It’s all very well for me to tell you that it’s possible to do the things that you want to do, and follow your heart. But to really demonstrate that, then it might just be necessary for ME to do the things I want to do. In other words, Walk the Talk….

IMG 9210

(Some of the many bikes people arrived on…..)

For me the same excuses apply as they do with everyone else when we realise there’s something we want…..

I have no time – Me: I’m going to use my time by making the writing a priority. What about you? What if no one wants to read it? The reading is not part of what I want …. so that’s none of my business. What if I just can’t write it everyday? You big wuss, sure if no one is reading it what does it matter if it’s not every day? (Aidan, I don’t know why, but you inspired this!) What’ll I write about? The same thing you wrote about for forty-six days – whatever comes into your head, something always does. What if it doesn’t? Stop trying to frighten the be-japers out of yourself! Become Fearless and walk on…(Inspired by Biddy).

IMG 9205

(Some of the tents on the football pitch – ours is the blue one)

So what does this mean to you the receiver of the email? Firstly, thank you for joining me along the journey, you have been a great companion! Secondly, you now have a choice. To continue receiving these emails… do nothing. To stop… click unsubscribe, down at the bottom of this email. (You can still read them online at This could be your finest hour, (inspired by Winston Churchill) are you ready? Even in this small thing, you can practice doing what you want. What YOU want…. not what you think I want…. not what you think you should do…… not what you have to do…. Choose.

IMG 9209

(Jeep and tent – five star camping)

Later… or maybe not, either way I’ll be doing what I want…. will you?

With lots and lots of appreciation for the companionship, Mairead.

3 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. Well I’m in and happy if you only wrote for me, so you have 1 follower to begin with!

    M x

  2. Here, how did I get involved in all this? Is it all my fault?
    Ah well. Carry on so.

  3. Moira, I always write for you… xx
    Aidan, You got involved by just being you – so keep doing that! xx

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