The Journey of a Drain

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(No more crossants)

Didn’t think I’d have something interesting to tell you about so soon. As expected putting the writing first has been a bit of a challenge today, but that’s not interesting, yet. Had an idea that I might play the tourist in my own area but needed to fit in a bit of “spring” cleaning first so that didn’t work out. Then the “interesting” thing happened.

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(Nice shiny floor)

The interesting thing is that the drains got blocked… initially I thought they were the rain drains but no, it wasn’t rain…… Fortunately for us it was outside. I was brave enough to ask the man if I could take a picture for my blog. Only afterwards did I wonder who would want to see it……… trust me no one would. I didn’t even want to look when I was deleting it. The blocked drain subject is a bit more spectacular than I’m describing here but again, trust me, no one wants to hear the details… no one.


(The N11 on the way to Enniskillen on Friday (haven’t been outside the front door today!), an advantage of rain, it keeps the screen clean!)

So, drains interesting? Yes, they are. Everyday we expect that when we run the dishwasher or empty the sink or flush, all will be well. The water will flow from our house into a pipe and that pipe will flow into a bigger pipe and then into a water treatment facility or maybe a septic tank. So we ignore it. We have no idea which way the water is flowing. We have no idea where the pipes run under our house. We have no idea where they might connect with other people’s pipes. And the potential for malfunction is enormous! The result of malfunction is also enormous…. and smelly.

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(Flowers have grown while we were away)

The nice man unblocked our drains but said the problem had not been fixed, just postponed. He suggested a camera. It’s a special camera (like the one they use in hospitals…..) and will give more information than we have at the moment. This extra information will help them and us solve the problem.

IMG 9234

(Some look a little raggedy because of the rain but still beautiful)

So that got me thinking about sorting things out quickly. I’d like this drain problem to be done, over, and forgotten about. And I’m getting a bit edgy about what the problem might be. And even edgier about what the solution might be….. lifting floor boards? digging tunnels? hiring a builder? Maybe we should hire a builder before we dig tunnels? I’m starting to feel a bit worried. A bit like the time I wanted the eight hour journey to the south of France to be over quickly? And until it was over I was prepared to make myself feel major pain.

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(Others are just beautiful)

Maybe the drain problem is just another journey. If it is, then I need to be completely present to what’s happening now and not off in some possible future. What’s happening right now is the water is flowing freely and there’s nothing to do, but await more information.

Appreciate your drains, Mairead.

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