Decisions, Decisions.

(Mantlepiece decoration in Powerscourt)

Today I made a decision. Decisions are very interesting concepts. The idea that there are two or more possibilities to choose from should be exhilarating. It rarely is though. Because, if you think you have a decision to make, you have probably already ignored your “feeling” and… you’ve started to irritate yourself.

(Nice door….)

So, you’re walking along the street, you wonder if you’ll cross here or further on. Immediately, you will know what feels right. But that’s too easy, isn’t it? So you second guess it. Maybe here isn’t such a good spot, maybe you should wait until the corner or further on at the traffic lights? And you walk on. Later you start to wonder if after all, that first spot was the very best place to cross….. now, what’ll you do?

(My kind of books. Two of them are completely blank inside!)

Most decisions are made before we even realise it, in our body. Then we think about it and poke at it and annoy ourselves until we’re so bothered we make any choice just to stop the irritation. Wouldn’t it be great if we could go directly to the choice we know we want, hang the consequences and give up the irritation?

(Nice tree…)

I’ve decided to take weekends off! The next post will be on Monday morning.

Have a nice weekend, Mairead.

2 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions.

  1. So you have decided to take the weekends off then Mairead?

    I’m not being picky here, but that isn’t really a decision is it? That’s just too easy a decision to make really when you think about it. Kind of like the crossing the street analogy above, there’s no real consequence to your decision. Most of us would decide the same wouldn’t we?

    Have you copped out there Mairead?

    (Puts tongue back into cheek)

    Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Aidan,
    You’re a funny guy! You make me smile…..
    And now you’ve made me think….
    I don’t think we always choose the easy thing, even if it’s the “right” choice for us. I think we have hidden rules inside of us. Like “I couldn’t be the kind of person who would walk off without helping someone in trouble”, even if we were feeling a “NO, dont stop!”.
    I feel another blog topic!! Thanks Aidan!

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