Just do it.

(Irish sky – we have the best clouds!)

We travelled for 4,500 kilometers in wind and rain and sun. We were coughed on and sneezed near, and we were never ill. But we’re home now and we have the ‘flu…..

(French sky)

So my thinking is not very clear today and that may lead to this post not being very clear but I have hope! It’s about trying. We use that word all the time but do we really know what we’re saying?

(More French sky)

Today I’m trying to write my blog. Trying involves a lot of effort. There’s a lot of gazing out at the cloudy blue sky. There’s a lot of thoughts about all the other things I should be doing at the same time. There’s a lot of re-writing and deleting. It’s very hard work. Very serious work. Do you realise what work is involved in this blog writing? Oh, its tough. It’s not much fun either and I doubt if it’s fun to read…..

(Spanish sky)

Usually, I don’t try to write my blog. Usually, I just write my blog. There’s no effort. I hardly look up. Once I start I couldn’t care less about what else needs to be done. I hardly change a thing (except spellings, I still manage to mis-spell!). It’s very easy. It’s not serious, it’s funny in my tummy! There’s no work involved. It’s not tough, it’s fun to do and maybe it’s even fun to read……

(Irish sky)

It’s so much easier when I don’t try…… and instead just do it…… Trying is no fun, I like fun.

Was that clear? Mairead.

PS I have set aside a large inbox area in my email for correspondence relating to recipes from you…. but so far there’s only one recipe in there (thank you Madge, we will be eating Chicken in White Wine and Mushroom Sauce tonight and thinking happy thoughts about you). I’m guessing you might be trying to get around to sending me one…. stop trying! I need your recipes, now. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Just do it.

  1. Starter.
    Monk fish goujons.
    Cut a Monk tail or fillet into goujon sized strips, or just cut it into bite sized chunks.
    Make very fine breadcrumb and infuse them with flaked spices, you know the little jars you can get with ground chilli, peppers etc?
    Roll the fish in flour, coat in egg then into the breadcrumb ensuring that you get good coverage.
    Shallow fry in very hot oil for a few minutes until the breadcrumbs are a nice golden brown.
    Serve with a sweet chilli dip. (Other dips are available)

    Not much of a recipe I admit Mairead, but a simple tasty starter or snack which is a wee bit unusual.

  2. Chinese Food Extrodinaire
    The correct ambiance is required for this meal. It can serve 1 – 30 easily.
    I suggest you set the table with your finest Chinet disposable plates. They are eco-friendly and make washing up a breeze. I prefer the low salt soya sauce. (If Soy is supposed to be so damn good for you, why do they fill it with salt when they make sauce??), some plum sauce and salt and pepper as condiments.
    If you are having guests I suggest a 35 – 40 minute lead time. If it is just for you and your household inhabitants play it by ear. I also use regular knives and forks (metal), not plastic. Lets keep some decorum here.
    I generally serve both whie and red plonk with this meal. If it is a large group, opt for the cheaper BYOB! Plastic glasses are a bit tacky, BUT using the good crystal wine glasses makes for a very long cleanup, and invariably one gets broken. Stick with plastic.
    Now the actual cooking consists of calling (705) 727-1000.
    This will put you in contact with the counter staff at the Mandarin Restaurant (Conveniently situated around the corner from my home). We have our standards like Torpedo Shrimp, Dai Dop Voy, Steamed and Fried rice, Spring rolls, Cantonese Chow Mein, Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls, and Lemon Chicken. You can vary your menu to taste, but remember if you pay cash it is a 5% discount. Now they are prompt, and I pick up and have everything ready to go in minutes. The plastic containers are also useful as plant holders after you’ve dined. Just ask my mother in law who has 359 of the damn things all over the house.
    Enjoy and Bon Appetit!!!!

  3. Aidan,
    Thank you. I have never cooked Monkfish and am looking forward to trying it. I will let you know how it goes. Do you enjoy cooking?

  4. Grahame,
    I think you may have missed something when you were reading my post. Nevertheless, thank you for taking the time to type in the details of how you entertain. Most enlightening and useful to know if we ever get invited to your house for dinner……. Also, the many, many, many details (phone number, menu choices, payment options, gardening tips, mother-in-law relations) bring a little flavour of Canadian life to this side of the Atlantic. I can hardly wait….

  5. I went to a night class, “Cooking for fun” last autumn Mairead and enjoyed it very much. I prefer cooking to baking but apparently I am quite good at the baking. My forte is quick simple dishes, stir-frys etc.
    Living with the excellent cook that is Mandy I don’t do enough, concentrating instead on the eating which of course brings it’s own penalties!!!

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