Pictures and Patterns.

(Slats of a garden chair in the rain)

About six years ago I saw a program on TV about photography. It had an expert photographer and three newbies who wanted to learn. The program was only thirty minutes long but it made a lasting impression on me.

Don’t know the name of the expert, but he made the process of photography seem easy, maybe because he talked about patterns. Patterns that we pass everyday and don’t notice. Like a line of trees or the wooden poles in a banister or the groves on a deck. I love patterns, so I notice them.

(Fisherman’s huts – now gone – at Greystones Harbour)

Patterns of behaviour are harder to photograph. But no less beautiful to notice. Like the pattern to say Yes when we want to say No. Really beautiful. A lot of work went into creating that pattern. It is truly a work of art…. unless you don’t want it!

A year after that program I needed to find some project that I wanted to do and I remembered the photography and started to take photographs for myself. Even though I’ve been to classes I still don’t understand all the numbers and buttons on the back of the camera. But that doesn’t take away from the pleasure.

(Hexagonal basalt rocks at the Giant’s Causeway, Co. Antrim)

You don’t have to understand how you got a pattern of behaviour in order to change it. Not understanding doesn’t take away from the pleasure of noticing and letting it go.

(Grooves on the wet deck)

Notice the Patterns! Mairead.

About Mairead

I live in Ireland☘️ and sometimes travel with my husband in our motorhome. In April 2022 we will be visiting France, Spain and Portugal. I will be writing here.
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