My new love……

(Railway track – there was nothing coming…)

Today as I write (Monday) my sister and her family have woken up in their new life in Canada. A few hours later than us and six degrees warmer (information via iPhone). I know they are enjoying the experience and I know one of their bags is missing (information via Facebook).


Because of the internet and its many handy little applications (and my sister’s love of writing in Facebook!) I know their every little movement. Twenty-five years ago my brother left Ireland to live in Australia. There was no iPhone, no Skype, no Facebook. He wrote letters and we replied. He made expensive phone calls with long delays and we listened. These days my mother has a Facebook account and can tell me what my daughter is doing.

(Weeds beside the tracks)

My relationship with Facebook up to now has been rocky. But today for the first time I see the value of it. I see his worth. My appreciation is growing, in fact there’s a possibility I may become infatuated. Or should that be addicted? I now realise it is a device for making the world smaller. Although it is very expensive… in time, for something special like keeping in touch with people who are far away, it is worth the cost.

(Stones on the beach, with Bray Head in the background))

Already I’m wondering what my sister had for breakfast.

What’s on your mind? Mairead

4 thoughts on “My new love……

  1. Oh… great. Any chance you could have something a bit more Canadian for breakfast in future? Already knew your bag was found (information via facebook)….. may even have known before you……. (information via cctv).

  2. OK I could see you disappointment Mairead. Last night I went out into the back yard and trapped a beaver. As we speak it is hanging in the garage ready to be fried in a pan for breakfast. I stuck a nail in the maple tree in the back yar too, and am waiting for sap to flow for syrup. My wife has told me the only sap she has seen this week is me, so not sure if this is going to work ;o)
    North American’s breakfasts are really not that much different than those in the UK/Ireland. However if, and when we have a big breakfast we’ll take photos and send them.
    You ever have an Egg McMuffin Mairead? ;o)


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