What do you need?

(Willow, the dog)

There are lots of flowers growing in our garden at the moment. Sounds good, but… most of them are weeds. One which hasn’t started flowering yet has already grown to the height of the clothes line. Why are weeds more likely to thrive than the nice flowers? Is it because I give them what they need? Room to grow and nothing else.

(Lavender in our garden for the fly prevention, the calm and the lack of effort……)

I met Lusi today. She and her husband Gary, work with willow. They make, among other things, fencing that flows. I like the sound of that. I think it means fencing that follows the flow of the space where it stands. She knows the willow very well, she knows what it needs. In her garden she has created a living willow circle. Each willow branch is planted into the ground and then intertwined with its fellow plants, and they all grow together. She knows when to plant the willow and when it’s ok to prune it. And when she prunes it, that allows the main branch to grow stronger. Her living willow is thriving.

(Willow weaving)

Could this apply to us? If we get what we need we will thrive? If we have room to grow we will grow? If we cut out the things that we don’t need then we will grow stronger? If we trust the space where we stand we will flow?

Grow and flow, Mairead.