I know what you mean…..

(Fred among the weeds)

Something funny is happening to my computer today. I think it might need that debugger that Apple were announcing. Funny thing is ….. my cat, Fred, is unwell too….. not too sure what’s wrong, just not himself. It’s funny how when you live with a pet for a while you get to know their personality. Their behaviour. Almost what they’re thinking…..

(Fred knitting)

For example when I get up in the morning, he gets my attention from outside by making rubbing sounds on the window with his paws. As soon as I open the door he leans up against my leg and I rub his head. We walk together to the larder where he meows his wish for me to get his food out. When he’s sure I have the food he runs over to his bowl and waits there for me to catch up. He likes to start with dried food and then follows that with a little packet of fish in gravy. He’s a fish-eating vegetarian… doesn’t like meat.

(Fred considering his next move)

After breakfast he goes for a little lie down on the sofa and for the rest of the day he only comes near me when he wants more food. He doesn’t like being picked up and rarely sits on my knee. When he wants to go outside he walks over to the back door (if he wants to go out the back) or the hall door (if he wants to go out the front). If I haven’t noticed, he walks over to me, gives me the look and then looks at the chosen door. I find it impossible not to jump up and do what he wants.

(Fred checking his mail)

It’s easy to read a cat. Like reading a human, really. Someone gives us the look and we know straight away what it means.

But…. do we?

Maybe not, maybe humans are a bit more complicated than cats (not always as cute but definitely more complicated). Next time a significant other gives you the look, ask them, “Does that look mean….?”. They could surprise you, it might mean something really interesting…… like, “Please open the front door”. That’s what Fred’s look means.

Sorry about the cat photos, Mairead.

2 thoughts on “I know what you mean…..

  1. Dearest Mairead

    Thank you for theses lovely thoughts and pictures – i love your photographs
    i am really delighting in these bursts of light and life as they sit in my emails, waiting for me to open and enjoy

  2. Thank you Biddy! There’s a horse photo coming on Monday 🙂 And you are welcome, xxx

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