The Piano Tuner

(More beautiful stuff from the Yarn Room)

The piano tuner was here today. As you might expect he was tuning the piano….. His name is Rob and he’s lovely. Although, I can’t always understand what he says, I think he said something profound today! He’s from the USA and he lives in Mayo and it’s not his accent that I find hard to understand. He speaks music. He also plays the saxophone. I suppose I mean everything about him reflects his music. (Not that I’ve ever heard him play music, except for the single notes on the piano as he’s tuning.)

(Going round in circles?)

The profound thing he said today…… “no piano has perfect pitch”. Followed by “playing electronic keyboards can give you a false sense of expectation because they seem to have perfect pitch… they don’t go out of tune”. I liked that! (Now I might need to put in a note of warning, as I’m not naturally musical –  this is what I think he said, ok?)

(Very big pot)

So…. the piano is the real deal, made from wood and string stuff (surely nothing from a cat?) Anyway, time passes and someone invents the keyboard. A plastic copy of the piano. It’s perfect, it’s lighter, it has perfect pitch and it never needs to be tuned. So it’s better than the piano….. or is it? No of course it’s not!  Even the very best, most expensive, up to the minute keyboards don’t feel the same (to the piano player) as an acoustic piano.

(Possibly yellow poppies?)

It’s a bit like us, really.

When we’re not perfect, we’re also not plastic, we’re the real deal!

Plastic is so the 1960’s, Mairead.