Cups and Saucers

(My mug)

I have a really pretty mug my mother gave me. I liked it so much she bought me the matching tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl! As I write I see them sitting pretty on the shelf. So pretty that I never use them…. What’s that all about?

(A bit of the tea pot)

About twenty five years ago we got a china tea set, which I also love. It’s still completely intact, six cups, six saucers, six plates and a cake plate, no chips. I can’t see them at the moment because they’re in the back of a cupboard….

I bought a paper-making kit about four years ago. Every now and then I take it out, but I never use it to make paper. Even as I consider the process of making paper I am feeling good and yet the kit remains intact in the craft cupboard.

(The twenty five year old cups)

So I was wondering… are there beautiful parts of ourselves that we never use? That we never bring out of the cupboard to play with?

Come out of the cupboard, Mairead.