Idea Party

(The floor is washed)

It’s week seven of the Success Teams and the week of the Idea Party. That’s where the team invite two or three people each and we all sit down with a cup of tea and pot luck (whatever people have brought) and we listen. We listen to the story (so far) of each team member’s journey towards their wish, their goal, their dream. Some may have obstacles and if they do the entire party gets eight minutes to brainstorm a solution to their obstacle. Then the next person gets a go.

(The chairs are all in a row)

My obstacle at the moment is I have to get my house ready and that requires housework which is not my favourite thing to do. But…. as continuing to facilitating Success Teams is what I want to do then I am making the housework a priority (for today).

(There’s some crackers and cakes)

I’ll tell you tomorrow how it went and if I get permission I’ll tell you some of the stories. Maybe I’ll share an obstacle or two and you can brainstorm from afar?

What do you want? Mairead.

2 thoughts on “Idea Party

  1. Greetings Mairead!

    Congratulations on the House Cleaning!

    I can’t wait to hear about the success of the Team’s Idea Party!

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