Team Stories 1

(A dog called Belle)

Well, the Idea Party is over and it was great, but I may be a bit biased! I got some permissions so I can start telling you the stories.

The first one is about a woman, let’s call her Ellie. She has loved animals all her life and she had recently completed a couple of courses, and had gained lots of skills but she seemed to be stuck. She wasn’t moving forward. She came to Success Teams because she wanted to work with animals and share her skills with the world. She saw plenty of obstacles in her way… among them, she had no time and she had no money. She did have plenty of determination, though and a big heart.


By the third week Ellie had set her sights on a horse! If she had a horse she could practice her skills and increase her area of expertise. She still had no money and no time… but something was changing…..

She knew when she spent time with her friend Alan and his horses she felt great. The experience always lifted her and afterwards she was able to deal with everything else. So, she made going to visit Alan and the horses a priority. Everything else had to fit into the time left over. But a funny thing was happening…. because she was setting herself up to feel better, the rest of her life started to get easier.

(Our house…)

Each week Ellie did the work. She studied. She visited Alan. She did the housework. She did her “bread and butter” work. She organised her follow-on courses. She searched for ways to purchase a horse. She bought a lottery ticket! She did her homework. She encouraged her team mates. She noticed other areas in her life that were improving, almost effortlessly. She also noticed and accepted the encouragement she was getting from her husband. And she got on with her life.

And then she was given a horse!

(A horse but not the horse)

Yes, free gratis, for nothing. Someone had a horse who needed a good home with someone exactly like Ellie to care for him…. it was a no brainer really.

Because…. Ellie is living her life. Her perfect life and that has an impact on the people around her. They want to give her what she wants! But more than that, living her life has an impact on Ellie, on her confidence, on what comes to her (including time, money and horses!) on what she brings to the world. She brings herself. She brought herself to the team and will continue to do so since they all intend to keep meeting after the eight weeks are up. I am hugely grateful for the impact she has had on me.

I did say I might bring some obstacles for you to brainstorm, but Ellie no longer sees obstacles in her way! She does want a horsebox, though…. so if you have one you know what to do……

More stories tomorrow, Mairead.