Team Stories 2

(Willow Heart)

Ok time for another story from the Success Team. Let’s call the next person Juno. She came to Success Teams because she wanted to set up a distribution company to sell her chosen brands of natural beauty care products. Juno had been to a previous idea party and so she knew she could dream big and she made it clear her products would be sold in the best shops on Grafton Street.

She had brought along her obstacles too, they were… no staff and no funding.

(Wheelbarrows use physics to lighten the load)

When Juno came back the second week something had shifted. When the time came for her to speak, what she said and how she said it moved everyone present. She told how, while she had been doing her homework, (reading sections of the book Wishcraft) she came across a section that said it was ok to ask for help. “I didn’t know that!”  She thought she had to do everything herself. This was different.

Up until now Juno did very well doing everything for herself, she is a very talented successful woman, she gets things done, she reaches her goals, she hits her targets… This was different. This dream was too big for one person, even someone like Juno.

(Succulent… lovely word)

When Juno sat at the table with the team and told them what this meant for her, the impact on the other people was enormous (biggest word I could think of… although epic is good too!). In that moment the team built it’s foundations. They were in this together. From that moment they took responsibility for supporting each other to get their wish. The first practical demonstration was when they told me we would have to change the day we meet for the following week because one of the team couldn’t make it! This group had never met each other before the first night. I don’t know about you but this has never happened to me before, where a group take the responsibility for themselves equally without looking to one person to make decisions. In that moment I knew Success Teams worked! My dream was becoming a reality.

By week four Juno had an even bigger dream. She wanted to create a center to empower women externally (beauty) and internally (personal development) in a beautiful location. I know she will do it!

(A Rake…. for gathering willow branches)

Juno also no longer sees obstacles but she does want people (particular people) to help her practically, if you think that’s you or if you want to find out more, let me know.

Today Juno sent me the following….

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho

Another story tomorrow, Mairead