Team Story 4

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This next Success Team story is about a woman we’ll call Brigid. Brigid didn’t know what she wanted. She had attended a previous idea party and something about the feel of people together supporting each other’s dreams appealed to her.

At her first meeting she talked about hands-on work, possibly with special needs. By the third meeting Brigid had became very aware that this was a practical team, it wasn’t just a support group where everyone sat around talking about their problems. This team expected you to do something and they would support you in any way, shape or form they could to do that… But Brigid still wasn’t clear about what she wanted.

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For a long time Brigid had been hiding her gifts. She was working in an area where she had thought her gifts would be ideal but instead she felt safer keeping them hidden and this was causing her huge discomfort. Sharing with her team she realised the work she was doing was interfering with her quality of life…. but how would she survive financially without it?

While she was considering this dilemma Brigid was also reconnecting with her gifts, in music, in healing, in dance. And, as Brigid reconnected, a funny thing happened….. previous teachers started to reconnect with Brigid. She began to sense there could be a way to share her gifts in a safe way.

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At the idea party, one of the invited guests needed someone with organisational skills, Brigid recognised very quickly that this role could surround her with like-minded people, in a space where her gifts would be highly regarded. Brigid was quick to volunteer. Luckily she now had plenty of time to volunteer…. because Brigid’s workplace had just that week, given her a perfect opportunity to leave, by making it impossible for her to stay.

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Brigid had a sense from the first idea party that there was something more she wanted. Even though she didn’t know what that was, she stayed awake and present to the outside clues and hints that surrounded her, watching for what might nourish her. Then, she bravely moved towards what felt right and she was soon rewarded with more hints and clues. Step by small step Brigid is moving towards what she wants….. and what she wants is drawing her forward towards it.

Now Brigid is looking for her perfect job, one that will allow her to nurture and share her gifts, because she’s not hiding them any more. Any ideas?

Last story tomorrow, Mairead.