Team Stories 5

(If you think this picture is tilting to the left…… you may have problems… but not with your sight)

Last Success Team story today. Kalliope is a Greek Goddess, muse of epic poetry and the name given to this story’s young woman by Juno (from Team Story 2). When Kalliope came to Success Teams she was very clear about what she wanted. A dog. In fact lots of dogs and horses and a ranch, where people could come and nourish their spirit. Her obstacle…. her living circumstances didn’t allow for one dog, let alone lots of dogs, or a horse, her financial circumstances didn’t allow for a ranch. The team gave Kalliope suggestions to overcome her obstacles, but she felt stuck.

(Eilish’s dog, Millie)

After week three Kalliope’s dream had hit the ground, in a good way…. it had become grounded. She had been to a concert in Manchester during week two and had done what she always did. She wrote poetry, for the performers and even some of the crew, fourteen poems in all! Her poetry is uplifting, very nourishing to the spirit, quite like her dream really…..

So… after all these team stories you might expect something funny to happen? Well, something funny did happen……

(Scooter the cat, having a little rest)

As Kalliope walked up to the reception of her hotel in Manchester, she noticed a group of people chatting. Looking over she realised that not ten feet away stood at least four of the people for whom she had been writing poetry. Although Kalliope had been inspired by these people, she had never met them. So in that moment she had a choice, dream about the possibility of handing her poetry to them or walk over and hand her poetry to them. Kalliope took a step toward her dream, and handed over her poetry.

(Momma duck and her ducklings)

She was ready to light up the world! Since she was a toddler Kalliope had been playing with words, putting them together, taking them apart, adding tone and volume, using computers to create pictures and stories. Whatever else she did with her life she also, always, wrote. So on week four she announced to the team that she had found a way to publish a book of her poetry for very little money. At the idea party she passed around a copy of her book and took orders!

As I write Kalliope is house-sitting two dogs, three cats, several goldfish and a frog. Her dream draws her forward in everything she does….. every practical step brings her dream closer to reality.

Kalliope wants to move to America. San Francisco would be perfect. Any ideas?

This isn’t really the last team story, there’s another Success Team starting in September…. so the next one I write could be about you!

Watch this space, Mairead.