Just one more…


(Am I too close?)

Apologies, there’s one more story….

Last Monday night I went along to a church hall in Greystones where Molly, from the previous team had created her dream – a group of therapists providing low cost therapy for the community. The money donated by the recipients goes to charity. I arrived at seven and the therapists were swinging into action, setting up plinths, lighting candles, pouring jugs of water and smiling, there was a lot of smiling.


(More pretty Irish clouds)

They have been gathering once a month since June. Before June, this was just an idea in Molly’s head. Now it’s real. How did that happen?

At her first team meeting Molly said she wanted to spend more time baking. The team were quite excited about that, expecting they might be eating some of the baking. At her second meeting she wanted to set up a center in Greystones where the community could avail of low cost holistic therapies. That got the team even more excited! (Even as they realised there would be no baking….. ) She admitted that this had been a dream of hers for a while, but there were lots of obstacles that made it seem impossible. No funding, no experience of speaking in public, no helpers, no computer experience (yes I know…but for Molly this was important), no administration experience.


(No moving parts…. just the sun)

The simple answer to how this happened is, Molly held onto the vision of her dream becoming a reality and she did the work. And the impact of Molly’s dream on others? Come along on the second Monday night of each month to St Patrick’s Hall, Greystones and see for yourself. But get there early, it’s very popular!

I think this is the last one, Mairead