Just Married!

(Our Wedding…. first time)

I have been making brave attempts to get more comfortable with Facebook and last Wednesday I decided to edit my profile. A sort of…. help people to get to know me, kind of thing…. There wasn’t much in my profile and I hadn’t prepared any story about myself but I added my marital status, meaning to come back later to add more. But now it looks like I just got married!

(Oooh nice ring)

Should I begin to act like I just got married? Maybe add some photos? Or mention my honeymoon, I mean our honeymoon? Maybe add a little piece about how happy we are together? Talk about our first argument? Get advice about the toilet seat or the lid on the toothpaste?

What about something like….. Yesterday Denis and I got married. The ceremony took place at home, our cat, Fred was present. We have known each other for a long time and this moment seemed right. For our honeymoon we sat together on the sofa and watched a box set episode of The Wire. During the complicated bits Denis paused the DVD and helped me understand who had killed whom….. tender moments…… really should have taken a photo.

(Cake by my friend Helena’s Mum… beard on plastic groom by my Mum!)

And then I could say we are very happy together…. because we laugh a lot. He does something stupid…. like buy another gadget and I give him the lowered eyebrow face and he laughs sheepishly. Then I do something like get into a panic about how “bad” my blog is today and he gives me the raised eyebrow, tilted head face and I laugh. There’s a possibility that we’re both laughing at each other and we should be taking this a bit more seriously, maybe even as a personal attack….. but we’re not…. luckily!

Oh the first argument? Well the real ones were a lot more painful until I woke up and took responsibility for my own thoughts and behaviour, so the newly married one…. but who in their right mind would make up an argument? And if anyone has advice…. don’t bother, we’re ok with the irritating things now, they provide more ammunition for laughter!

(Honeymoon in New York…. still wearing the pearls)

But the truth is today we are twenty-six years married and if someone had told me back then that facial expressions would keep us happy, I’d have been very confused.

Here’s to twenty-six more, Mairead.