What’s a server?

(Liam and Kate’s flowers)

On Thursday I did the work. I wrote my blog and added some pictures, even took some pictures of pictures. Then I posted my blog to my site from whence it goes out as email. But on Thursday afternoon the post failed….. It failed on Thursday night too and when I got up early this morning (Friday) it failed again, it continues to fail….. The site didn’t get updated, the email didn’t get out…. I checked with my tech people (again…. Denis) and it turns out the server is down.

I don’t really understand what that means. I don’t really care either. That’s not the bit I’m finding interesting.

(Mount Usher flowers)

The bit I find interesting is….. I am writing my next blog, even though the server is still down, even though I don’t know when it will be up again. How is that interesting? Well, usually I get quite discouraged if something I’m doing doesn’t work. Or if something I’ve planned has no interested takers and has to be cancelled. Usually, I make up a big story about how it’s obviously a silly thing to do, it’ll never work, I should just give up. This moment feels a lot like those times and yet I’m still writing.

(Can’t remember flowers… probably not forget-me-nots then?)

So I’m wondering… why? And the answer that pops into my head is because I love writing this thing! So now I’m wondering… what would happen if I put my biggest effort only into things that I love doing? Would I keep doing them through thick and thin? Through lack of interest from others? Through lack of money? Through breakdowns with servers or whatever? Would I just keep going? Can I dare to believe that I would?

And if I dare to believe that I would, then what?

Now what? Mairead.