Where’s Walid?

(Walid and my very serious training session – lean forward to move forward, lean back to move backwards, a bit of both to stand still)

We went on a great tour today. For four hours we sped around Berlin on Segways. A Segway is a two wheeled battery propelled method of transport (see photo below). Our guide was Walid from London. Although we thought we were going on a take-lots-of-photos, listen-to-lots-of-information about Berlin tour, it turned out to be something else entirely.

(What’s left of the Berlin Wall – yes, it is thin, isn’t it?)

We did get lots of information and Denis took some photos, but the main attraction was Walid. I recommend him to everyone…. go visit Walid and take in a bit of Berlin since you’re there anyway. Walid has been in Berlin for three years. He came over to work in the software industry and to enjoy his great love… heavy metal music. At some point he fell out with software and began taking people on Segway tours.

Now, because I’m on holidays, I didn’t ask Walid if he was living his dream, but….. there are some clues to indicate that he is. He smiles a lot. He’s very entertaining. He makes history interesting. He remembers everyone’s name and uses them liberally throughout the tour. He gives you a pretzel if it’s your birthday and you’re the same age as the Berlin Wall….

(Our happy group – we’re laughing because Walid is shouting rude things, tut, tut)

And my biggest clue? Well, this will require some sharing, but hey its just you and me talking, right?  I was a bit cranky this morning. Yes, I know, unbelievable, but true. Why? At the beautiful outdoor amphitheatre listening to lovely music last night I was bitten many, many times by flying things, (yes, we forgot the “bug off” spray again.) I didn’t sleep much with all the itching so….  But in spite of all that, within minutes of meeting Walid, I was laughing and smiling and competing for his attention and of course I had a brilliant time.

To get an idea of the impact you could be having when you’re doing what you love, go meet Walid.

Thank you Nolene and Chris for a great idea, Mairead.