Making coffee

(Coffee time at the Technical Museum Berlin)

I’ve been watching Denis make coffee this morning. He’s using a gadget he got at the 3fe coffee shop. Yesterday he assigned his coffee tools their own drawer in the kitchen. The coffee making ceremony begins when he opens that drawer, and the smell of coffee fills the room. Then he assembles the gadget.

(Seats at the zoo)

There are two plastic tubes, one has a rubber seal and fits into the other. The fine ground coffee is measured into the wider tube using the scoop that comes with the gadget. Then the water is added. There is a special stick thing for stirring. Stirring is important. Too much stirring will make the coffee bitter, too little and it won’t mix with the water. After the stirring everything stops for ninety seconds, no more, no less.

(Coffee cake?)

When the ninety seconds are up it’s time to place a circular filter paper on top of the wide tube and screw a plastic filter on top to hold it in place. Then the whole thing is turned upside down onto a coffee cup and pressure is applied to the tube with the seal (by pushing it down into the wider tube). This compresses the air and forces the water through the filter and into the cup. Coffee made.

(Anytime is coffee time)

It’s a very hypnotic thing to watch. Could it be possible to do everything in this measured way, with complete attention on the task?

Smell the coffee, Mairead.

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