Ah no, I’m fine, really….

(Ceramic Flowers from the market)

You know the way sometimes we don’t ask for what we want? You know we’re kind of shy and maybe we make a little joke. Or, we put on a whiney little voice and say “oh no I’m fine, I don’t want to trouble anyone.” Is it just the Irish or are there people all over the world hoping others will know, magically, what they want?

(Berry patchwork)

A stray cat has started visiting our back door. We’re never in any doubt what he wants. He tells us loud and clear, “Meow, meow, meow.” Ok so he doesn’t actually use any words but he’s very persistent! Our own cat, Fred, indicates to us when he wants to come in –  he knocks on the window with his front two paws until we open up.

(Crystals and pearls)

Maybe it’s just easier for them, maybe they think they’re entitled to the food and the shelter. Maybe they think they deserve it? Would it be easier for us to ask for what we want if we thought we deserved it? You deserve it! I do too!

Meow, meow, meow, Mairead.