Danger, Danger!

(Detail on out-building near Powerscourt House)

Ok it’s confession time, on Saturday not long before walking into the coffee shop with the helpful server, I was angry. Yep I admit it. Angry. Not very proud of it but it’s my story for today so here it is….. It all started when I though I would have at least two hours of writing that morning but it wasn’t working out that way. Someone had work to do back home, and at most I would have one hour.

(Wild poppies near the out-building)

We parked on Merrion Square, one of my favourite areas in Dublin, but I didn’t see it. I walked off on my own and was fuming as I passed government buildings (very beautiful, normally) and the art gallery (ditto). By the time I arrived at Kilkenny Design I was talking to myself (and not in a mature way…) Something caught my eye in the window. It was an exhibition of Irish craft work.

(Where will we meet?)

I like craft work. There was pottery (I like pottery), leather work (like too), fabric (yum, like, like). I was starting to mellow and my conversation with myself was growing up. It turned out I had never voiced my “want” to spend two hours writing. I didn’t even voice it to myself, I just expected something perfect to happen. And when something perfect didn’t happen…. I turned into an adult version of the terrible twos. Ugly…..

Danger! Don’t neglect to say what you want (to yourself too), Mairead.

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