(Evening in Greystones)

Sitting here in another cafe… Powerscourt House, in Enniskerry. From my seat I can lift my head and see the gardens and beyond the Sugar Loaf mountain, the big one? I have a perfect americano in front of me and I can smell the  scone I’m going to eat after I have finished writing. Just one small challenge….

(Rainy chairs in Powerscourt)

The room is empty except for two women of a similar age (youngish then…) and similar interests to me sitting at one of the windows. No problem there. The problem is their conversation…. it’s very interesting! Making it a little difficult to write. Recently I purchased a €3.99 piece of software that clears the screen, silences all beeps from the computer and plays very meditative music. So I have it up to its loudest and I can only hear a snippet of their interesting conversation. I think I’ll be fine.

(The shops are behind bars in Powerscourt) 

Every cloud has a silver lining though, they have (even without giving away their secrets) provided food for thought. I am distracted by many things in my ordinary day. Things that need to be done, things that other people need to do, conversations I fall into, conversations I jump into, reading I am distracted by, reading I distract myself with….

It’s not going to be easy to get the things I want…… unless…. I remain very focused about what I want, because there’s lots of other very interesting nuggets trying to distract me.

Ommmm, Mairead.