Allergy Testing

(Newly cut trees from near Liam and Kate’s house)

Since I lost my server and therefore my site recently, I’ve been temporarily using the tumblir system. It’s a blogging tool. But the interesting thing about it is that you get to see other people’s blogs. I never read other people’s blogs….. but with this tumblir other people’s blogs pop up in front of me daily.

(Big cat in Berlin Zoo)

Anyway, I was reading a blog that said some people are poisonous to our well-being. Perfectly nice people, but somehow we’re allergic to them. How do we know who we’re allergic to? Well, if you spend some time with someone and afterwards you feel lethargic or exhausted, its a clue there may be poison there. If on the other hand you feel energized after being with them, then no poison……

Stop taking the poison, people! Mairead.