Chilli non Carne?

(This is pretty little Willow)

I made a great Chilli con Carne today with organic beef. A friend was coming to dinner and I was delighted with myself, everything turned out so well, until…..  I realised she didn’t eat red meat. So, I had the chilli and she had tomatoes and cheese!

(There were four red peppers in my chilli)

There was a moment before I put the meat into the vegetables, when everything was smelling and looking lovely, that I wondered if she was a vegetarian. In that moment I had a number of possibilities open to me…. 1) Put the meat in, of course she eats meat. 2) Don’t put the meat in, even if she eats meat. 3) Have one pot with meat and one without, so she can choose. 4) Ring and ask!

(… and she had cheese….)

There are always possibilities open to us, we don’t always see them. But sometimes we do and we ignore them.

Explore the possibilities, Mairead.

PS The September Success Team is beginning next week. A group of people are about to uncover what it is they really want. After that they’ll realise they have the support of everyone around the table to get it. Then they’ll take the first tiny, little step in the direction of the life they want to be living. Then they’ll find out that they can be grumpy or angry or fed up and still take that step. Then they’ll take that step. I’ve set up a new website called with the stories and the details. In eight weeks time there will be more stories. Some will be about people who, today, don’t even know what they want. Do you want to read all about it or do you want to be in it?