Green Advice

(At three, coming to grips with the technical details of a mirror)

Today a van passed us, as we were on our way to buy a duvet for Ciara (our daughter) to take to Wales next week (she’s going to college). The name on the side of the van was…. Green Energy. And on the back of the van they were carrying a bicycle….. you know, to save energy? pedal power? green? Isn’t it nice when someone shows us what can be done?

(On reflection…)

It’s easy to tell other people what they should do. It’s easy to understand why they should do it. It’s obvious…… but it’s not really that useful.

(At nine, exploring Mr. Napkin-Head)

Fortunately, there’s a flip side to this. It’s much more useful for us to see what we can do when we notice what others have done. When we hear of the courageous efforts of a friend who gets on with her life after a painful experience. Or the relative who has touched the hearts of his neighbours with his simple generosity.

(As seen on birthday card…) Take my advice, I’m not using it, Mairead.