Comfy here, isn’t it?

(Container Patchwork)

We’re sitting in the comfy lounge on the 2.30pm ferry going home from Wales. Never been in the comfy lounge before. It is very comfy. The seats recline. There’s free coffee, tea (including green!), gluten-free cake, biscuits, soft drinks, little dishes of olives (really!), bags of crisps and all the wine you can drink. There’s also a magazine and newspaper rack. And the whole ship has free wifi. Just like home really. Except there’s lots of people in here we don’t know…….

(Coffee, tea and gluten-free cake)

So… everything worked out well in the end. The daughter is settling into her new home, sticking posters on the walls  and connecting to the world (aka the internet!) As parents we each did our thing. Her dad found a great mobile phone package that included some international connectivity, some local connectivity and a lot of internet connectivity. Her mother (me) got enough food to fill the fridge (even though she only has one shelf…) and a sizable cupboard.

(Fishguard Harbour)

I suppose that’s what parents have to do….. whatever they can.

I think I’ll try the olives, Mairead.