Walk this way.

(Can you see that little opening on the side of the ship?)

I had a very exciting time today… having green tea in a local shopping centre. There I was minding my own business when I noticed a man in a suit looking at me. Well at least I thought he was looking at me. I started doing that thing you do, you know where you look away and then back again? Did that a few times before I realised he was a security guard.

(There’s a car going in there!)

And that got me thinking about the job of a security guard. It didn’t take me long, I don’t know anything about the job of a security guard. But surely they have to stay alert to everything around them? There might be other stuff happening while he’s looking my way. He was still looking.

Then another man in a suit joined him. And they were both looking in my direction and talking animatedly….. The second man began walking towards me. I was starting to feel a little uneasy. Did I pay for the tea? He stopped before he got to me though, in front of a woman who was adding milk to her takeaway coffee and asked her to…. please return to the shop with me.

(Yep, we’re going in the side door! Sorry about strange angle, fear can do that to a person)

Maybe he was her boss and she was late getting back after her break? Maybe he was her son and she had the credit card to pay for his new clothes? Maybe….

Things are not always as they seem, Mairead.