Aaah! Where’s the baby?

(Table top view)

The son is cooking dinner so I can sit back and contemplate the sky while listening to the sounds and smelling the smells of lasagne. It seems like only yesterday that I was panicking because I thought I’d forgotten to put him and his car seat into the car, fifteen minutes after I’d driven away from the house! It’s not easy to simultaneously drive, panic and twist around from the front seat to lock eyes with a two week old baby, who is calmly staring back at you. It took me a few more weeks to realise he was just quiet, not missing.

(Leaving Dublin)

I mentioned previously we had a black kitten who comes to our back door for food. I don’t want another cat, but the daughter was tempted by his big eyes and so she started feeding him. Today he was at the door meowing loudly. No one told him his carer was going away. But he doesn’t seem too worried, now he looks at me when he meows. He’s a smart cat.

(Close-up of the comfy lounge logo on the comfy seat in the comfy lounge on the ship)

Sometimes we think…. ok, I think…. I’m responsible for other people and that every move I make in relation to them must be perfect or I’ll destroy them. Especially if they’re my children. But also, even if they’re my pets. This is not really useful thinking (in case you were wondering) and it’s also crazy thinking!

Even though I almost left my baby son at home alone, he’s survived. Even though there’s no one here to feed the stray kitten, he’s survived too.

No one got destroyed here today, Mairead.

PS Yes I did feed the kitten……. he has such big beautiful eyes….. I think he likes me…..