What’ll I wear?

(Keeping this one)

You might remember months ago when we came back from our motorcycle ride to Spain and I said we had too much stuff? I started to de-clutter and about two months later I brought ten bags of books to the charity shop. They had been hiding conveniently, for a very long time, in a wardrobe. Now they are gone and I don’t miss them. I’m sure, originally, when we saw them in the book shop they were very attractive and we thought we needed to bring them home?

(Heavy rain here today)

There was one we’ve had since we got married, The Reader’s Digest of Home Maintenance. My sister would find that surprising, having noticed how little maintenance we do around the house. Then there was the Pocket Wine Book. (As an aside no one has a pocket that big.) I doubt we ever read it, we seem to prefer to drink wine rather than read about it.

(Maybe I need to move on to my craft stocks?)

After all those books I had to take a break…. a two month break! But I’m back and now I’ve tidied my clothes wardrobe. If I had realised what a difference it would make I would not have let it get so bad. Truly, the Less clothes you have in your wardrobe the More likely you are to find something to wear.

Sometimes too much choice is a burden…. Mairead.