Do you know what I mean?

(The ESB chimneys at Pigeon House)

I had an appointment in Sandymount today and as I was a little early I parked the car and took some pictures from the beach nearby. There are a few parking areas along the roadside but I have had my eye on the one with a huge piece of art in it, so that’s where I stopped.

(Huge art, the plaque says it’s a present from Mexico)

For years I passed this way taking my daughter to the clinic for physiotherapy but I never took the opportunity to stop. Standing here today I feel like I know this place and yet it seems different. The piece of art for instance is very familiar to me…. well I suppose it’s hard to miss, it’s huge. But also I recognise that although the tide is in today, when its out it’s way out, possible a couple of miles out. How can I know this place when I have only passed by, never stopped here?

(This area looks so different from this perspective)

Like meeting a TV newsreader in the street and thinking you know her. Where do I know her from? The truth is you don’t know her and I don’t know that beach. Sometimes we think we know something or someone and we really don’t.

Taking the first step in getting to know the beach at Strand Road, Mairead.