Cat Photo Alert!

(The second stray)

Ok, who’s sending the cats? Another stray cat has arrived at our back door. His meow is even louder than the first one. Is it possible that I’ve reached a certain age and I’m attracting cats? Fred (our cat) is none too happy. When he’s not attacking the newcomers, he’s looking disdainfully at me as I feed them. Yes, I’m feeding the second stray too…..

(Saw this old post box today – still in use)

I went to the vet today to get some worming tablets and flea drops. The receptionist was lovely, she sympathised with my situation. But now I have an appointment to bring the two cats down to the vet tomorrow to consider neutering! I have no idea how that happened.

Now I’m wondering…. what if the cats are just visiting us? What if they live two doors down and just like our cat food better? How would their owners react if they arrived back home with stitches and a neck collar? Could be tricky…..

Is there a law against taking the reproductive organs out of someone else’s pet? Mairead.