I love calamari, fog and rain……

Travelling the Wicklow roads early this morning on my way to my course was a beautiful experience. There was mist, rain, fog and warmth. And it was beautiful. The trees were turning, green, yellow, light brown, dark brown. The sky was white, pink, red and blue. There was a magical feeling. I drove with the windows down and the music playing. Until I got cold.

Travelling home I was dejected, tired, emotional and cranky! How a few hours can make a big difference? I had assignments to consider, questionnaires to hand  out, the questions still to be written, people to coach, people to be coached by and oh there will be an exam……..

Denis took one look at me and decided we needed to go to the tapas bar. It’s so much more difficult for me to wobble into meltdown in a public place. And he was right, we had wonderful Spanish food, I tested my love of calamari (squid) and found it still strong. As am I… strong again and ready to face a new week.

If you think you’re going to wobble….don’t, Mairead.

(Credit for the wobble quote to Suzie via Lusi)