Taking time out…..

(Bits and pieces of joy…)

Took the advice of a friend and set aside time this morning to do something creative. Tearing pieces of paper from a magazine and gluing them onto a canvas, like a collage….. is so so so calming. Therapeutic really, and fun too! The intention was to play… like a child. No worries about the outcome, or about doing it right, or doing it perfectly. I am looking forward to the next opportunity and maybe I will invite more people to play too.

(I was given this cute little plant)

In the meantime I’m back to preparing for assignments, courses, dinner, accounts and Christmas (just joking about Christmas!)  I keep thinking that I have so much to do and not enough time, but I’m guessing if I changed that thought I might be doing what I have to do in a more pleasant way.

(Remember the dress-up cardboard doll with paper clothes? This was an ad from the magazine for an internet clothes shop. )

There was a time in France when we accidentally had an eight hour motorbike ride ahead of us and I was a tad upset? (For tad upset, insert raving lunatic mad upset!) There I was on the back of the bike, beautiful sunny day, amazing scenery and I was feeling like I had ridden the eight hours already. Meanwhile, Denis was up front, very excited, enjoying every minute! Changing my attitude then made the first seven hours pleasurable. The last hour was painful… I was tired and sore, but the attitude change allowed me to save the pain until it was real!

Ok… with exactly enough time, I bid you good day, Mairead.