The Real World

(Playing games…. or learning maths?)

It’s way too late to be writing a blog, it’s past eleven thirty and my bedtime is ten….. My thinking is slow and not a thought comes to mind…. except the yummy barn brack I bought today. It’s staring down at me from the counter….. probably too late to have some now? Maybe for breakfast?

(Playing with fire….. or learning physics?)

Everything about halloween is a reminder of childhood. If not my own – bobbing for apples (didn’t even like apples); then my children’s – dressing up and going house to house for sweets. The loved things during our childhood, are another clue in the search for what we want.

(Playing with stones…. or learning geography?)

When we were children we didn’t judge our methods of passing the time. Making mud pies or weed salad was fun and so was worthy of our effort. Then on some momentous day the message got through…. not every activity was equal. The activities that could get us a good job were the most important. Thus we were welcomed into the real world.

Remember what you loved to do as a child and welcome in the really real world! Mairead.