Hard Life Lessons – Volunteers Wanted

(Old trees at Kilruddery)

It seems to me that people get incredibly hard ”life lessons” not because they need to learn them and not because they don’t know enough…..  it’s because they have the courage needed to learn them. They’re not bad, mad or sad (although they may feel sad)…… but somehow they volunteered to be demonstrators for the rest of us!

(The river at Mount Usher)

Because WE need to learn. When someone else gets the lesson we can still get  the learning, if we are paying attention.

(Butterfly at Mount Usher)

Someone you know is going through a huge life lesson (illness, marriage breakdown, depression, bereavement, to name a few)……. for goodness sake learn from their courage and bravery……oh and thank them.

Thank you (you know who you are), Mairead.